What to Buy a Teenager for Christmas 2018

Don’t know what to get your teenager for Christmas 2018? We are counting down some of our festive favourites.

1.FIFA 2019

If your teenager is a football fanatic and loves a video game, FIFA 2019 is the perfect combination. Get them the latest version of the hugely popular football simulation game, available at GAME Bon Accord which you can find on the upper mall.


2. iPhone

If they are looking for the latest tech and begging for an iPhone upgrade, there are a huge variety of deals on offer. Head down to the lower mall at Bon Accord and you can find Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, O2 and EE. Pop over the road to the St Nicholas Mall and you will find 3 store. With all of these stores offering great deals for a range of phones, there is so much choice!


3. Checkered Vans

Vans have proven themselves to be the shoe of 2018. We particularly like these checkered Vans. If checkered is not their thing, you can find lots of different styles which you can find at OFFICE Shoes in our St Nicholas Mall.


4. Room Refresh

Why not give them a grown-up bedroom refresh this Christmas? These are a few simple bits that would work for giving their room a new lease of life.

Room Refresh

5. Perfume/Cologne

This choice is a personal gift and it’s always best to head in store and smell the options for yourself to make the best selection for your recipient. However, a couple of our top picks for teenagers would be Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Only the Brave by Diesel. If you’d like to sniff for yourself, head down to Boots on the Bon Accord Lower Mall and have a chat with their lovely perfume team.


6. Gift Card

Finally, if you would rather they had the choice of gifts you could get them a Bon Accord gift card. Teenagers often want to make their own choices about their Christmas presents and this is a great way to give them that. The Bon Accord gift card gives the choice of over 70 stores and hundreds of options. To purchase one of these, go to the Bon Accord Information Desk on the upper mall, next to the Kids Zone. Find out about our range of shops here.


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