Our Summer Holidays Survival Guide

Six whole weeks of keeping your children entertained during the holidays can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have a getaway or clubs booked. To get you inspired, we have asked the people of Aberdeen for their top tips on how to survive the summer holidays!

Enjoy some park life

“Aberdeen is home to so many parks – let’s make the most of them! Duthie Park has lots of park space, play areas and the Winter Gardens to explore. Hazlehead Park has the pets corner, maze, sports areas and woods to make the most of – get exploring!”

Michelle Stuart, mum of two

Duthie Park Winter Gardens


Prepare for unpredictable weather

“It’s always a thought and largely the weather here in Aberdeen plays a huge part on daily activities throughout the holidays. It’s good to plan ahead for outdoor visits but a backup plan is necessary if the weather doesn’t play. If dry and not freezing, we tend to spend as much of the holidays outside as we can. The boys are very sporty and happiest when out and about on their bikes playing football or at a park exploring! I tend to carry lunch/drinks and snacks around as visiting cafes or stopping for food supplies fairly mounts up!

On the hit list this summer is Fyvie castle (my eldest has learned about this particular castle through P2 talks in school!), getting the bus into town, ice skating and having a sleepover with friends. Both of my boys are in the ACE football camp during week 4 of the holidays.

We generally pay attention to local events such as the science exhibition and local libraries run activities which on a duller day is a good (free) place to visit.”

Michelle Innes, mum of two boys


Make the most of home

“It’s important to remember that you don’t always need to go out and about to have fun. Make your own at home. Home baking is a great way to get everyone involved and it can keep everyone entertained for hours! Or what about a treasure hunt around the house and garden. Hide small toys and whoever collects the most gets a prize! Arts and crafts can also be just as fun!”

Steph Fulton, six nieces and nephews

If the weather lets you down, try making some cookies at home

The more the merrier

“I find if I invite a friend round for each son then everyone is happy and there is less drama than when I have my three on their own, sanity in numbers somehow.”

Vanessa Lynch, mum of three boys

A day at the beach

“Nothing beats a day at the beach. Pack up the car with a picnic, towels, sunscreen, the bucket and spade and don’t forget some blankets so you can have a seat. Sun, sea and sand – what could be better.  Bon Accord has installed an indoor beach in the centre for children to enjoy over the holidays, so whether you are school shopping, having a day out or the weather isn’t as good as it can be – it will be great to pop down, have fun and get the sand amongst your toes (the little bounce is on too and is great fun!).”

Nicky McKenna, mum of two

image1 (4).jpeg
Aberdeen Beach

A day at the movies

“Take the cinema to your very own home, blacked out windows, popcorn, torches, seat rows etc. is really good fun. And you can do a play date with loads of pals without the carnage this way. It’s more fun than just sticking on a movie if you do the whole shebang.”

Ruth, mum of three

Explore the city

“A trip to the beach is always good. Visit Codonas which has fairground rides. If they go to the beach they have to have a whippy 99 ice cream, the Inversnecky cafe on the beach front do a good one. On an ice cream note, Mackies has just opened a shop across from Marischal College (biggest granite building). Mackies is a local ice cream producer but the cafe also sells waffles, sandwiches, etc. Very kid friendly.”

Hannah Rumbles, mum of one

image1 (1)
Footdee is a historic fishing village that can be found next to Aberdeen Beach

If you have gone through the bucket list and your little ones still have lots of energy, we have plenty to do in the Bon Accord centre this summer, visit our website to find out more.


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