Our Guide to Weddings 2018

We have been asking brides, grooms, guests, and suppliers to give you a list of our top tips for wedding season!

Wedding season is upon us and with the highly anticipated Royal Wedding just days away we wanted to ensure you are you ready for the wedding season ahead.  So, we’ve been speaking to some brides, grooms, and guests to provide you with some top tips to help you be on top form.

Preparation is key! It sounds obvious but ensure you plan properly for a stress-free day

“Use spreadsheets and a budget calculator for wedding planning (use templates – you can find them online). Take time over planning and do everything well in advance. When looking for the different elements of your wedding, shop around for vendors and ask them to send samples/photos of their work beforehand. Sample sample sample! Sample flowers, invites decor, the lot!” – Fiona Robertson, Bride-to-be

Watch you don’t get Pinterest happy!

“Pinterest is great, but try to stay true to you. If you’re not into crafts/DIY your skills aren’t going to miraculously develop for your wedding (Google Pinterest fails). As one of these people, my solution was to look for shops, both online and offline, who provide versions already prepared – saves a lot of time and stress.” – Jen Buchanan, Bride-to-be

Don’t forget what it’s all about

“I’m a guest at four weddings this year, and would say take a step back and just remember what you are all there for, it’s to watch friends/family marry the love of their life.” – Kyle Yeats, Wedding guest

Be comfortable

“As you are on the go all day at a wedding. Make sure your outfit is going to be comfortable for you to wear all day – including shoes. Try your outfit on beforehand and bring plasters and flat shoes! In true Scottish tradition, the weather can go from sunny and warm to wet and windy in a matter of hours. Prepare for every kind of weather.” – Steph Fulton, Wedding guest

Enjoy the time together

“Give the bride space to make her own decisions with the groom. Honour their wishes and support them as much as you can and enjoy this close time you get to spend with her on the run-up. Gentle advice/questions often work best.” – Heather Buchanan, Mother of the Bride

Share your vision with suppliers!

“When planning your big day, no matter the budget, your dreams can be met. Communication with your chosen suppliers is key. Share your vision no matter how big and your supplier will take it all into account and share their ideas with you. It doesn’t have to be a Royal expense to see your fairytale dream day come true.” – Leigh-Anne Mackenzie, Wedding Supplier (LaLaLights)

We’ve got lots happening over this weekend to help you get wedding ready:

Royal Wedding 2018

Join our Facebook event > Royal Wedding Weekend at Bon Accord

Join us in our Royal Garden in the lower atrium (across from Costa) on Friday and Saturday to celebrate the Royal Nuptials. We’ll be screening the wedding on Saturday but we’ve plenty happening on Friday too!

Friday 18th May 12-4pm:

  • Disney princess films
  • Beauty Box with Laura McNeil
  • Beauty demonstrations
  • Food and drink sampling

Saturday 19th May 12-4pm:

  • The Royal Wedding screening
  • Beauty Box with Laura McNeil
  • Beauty demonstrations
  • Food and drink sampling

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