Nuart 2018 – Interview with Bortusk Leer

Have you seen the little monsters on our roof garden?

You’ll have seen some of the fantastic art around the city as part of the Nuart festival, but did you know that Bon Accord’s roof garden is lucky enough to be home to one of them?

UK born artist Bortusk Leer is known as the founder of ‘art-comedy’ and since 2007, he’s been making people smile ‘to distract from the seriousness of life’ through his colourful creations.

Nuart Aberdeen 2018

We wanted to know more about the inspiration behind these colourful creations so we asked him some questions to learn more about the man behind the monsters

What inspires your work?

Other than fun, laughter, parties, colour and the ridiculousness of life, not a lot.

What is the biggest difference you want to make through your work?

That being alive is great! 

Describe your work in three words.

 Silly. Colourful. Nonsense.

What did you love about your time in Aberdeen?

The amazing energy and positive vibes all around!  

Leer’s installation was part of this year’s Nuart festival, which returned to the city for the second time. Nuart is designed to showcase the street art within Aberdeen but also to bring visitors into the city, all whilst becoming a platform for creative collaborations with twin city Stavanger.

Although the festival is finished, the best bit is that the art remains. You can find out more here.

Rather than take our word for how creative his work is come and visit our roof garden for yourself and grab a selfie whilst you’re there.


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