Valentines Gifts for Him

Is he hard to buy for? Never fear! We have a list of our top gifts for him this Valentines.

1. Is he a gamer? Fifa 18 might be the perfect thing. 

Fifa 18, Game £49.99


2. If trainers are his thing, Gazelles are a classic choice and the red gives them a romantic twist. 

Adidas Gazelles, Office £74.99

Untitled design (60).jpg

3. For the beer lovers out there, this beer making kit is a fun and unique choice!

Brewdog Beer Making Kit, Next £45.00

Untitled design (62).jpg

4. For a more sophisticated gentleman, This jumper makes for a classy gift. 

Navy Ralph Lauren jumper, £119.00

Untitled design (61).jpg

5. If he likes gadgets, this laser keyboard is the perfect toy for him. 

Laser Keyboard, Menkind £69.99

Untitled design (64).jpg



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